Friday, April 4, 2008

Step up or Step Off

Performance Fanatics is hosting its Annual Competition. The show is sure to be full of excitement and very competitive. As we have observed this event’s grow more over the years, this year’s committee has made it our goal to make this year’s event the best ever. On behalf of the entire committee, we would like to invite your organizations/step teams to participate in the hottest dance competition of the year. The Performance Fanatics Dance/Drill Team Championships are sure to deliver a wonderful experience to you and your team. The Performance Fanatics Dance/Drill Team State Championships are held in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Showcasing the most professional championship in the athletic performance team industry, the annual Dance Drill team Championship has become known as a national championship that provides teams with an opportunity to experience competition in an exciting and challenging environment. The Dance Drill Team Championship will again deliver a wonderful experience to you and your team. The Championship will ensure that you and your team enjoy a fun filled weekend while immersed in the "spirit of positive competition." At Performance Fanatics, we truly believe in the spirit of positive competition. Competitions are not only about winning, but also about working together as a team. Each year our lineup of state and regional competitions paves the way for the spectacular Dance/Drill Team Championship.